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Lapis Lariat Choker


Neck circumference 30-35cm
Neck circumference 35-40cm
Neck circumference 40-45cm

The Remains Jewelry Lapis Lariat Choker is a convertible necklace that can be worn both as a Lariat and as a Choker. The necklace features a thick and hefty solid silver chain with a large pendant, two loops, and a toggle; each carved to emulate the shape of eroded stone.

When worn as a choker, the two stone textured rings form an infinity shape, reminiscent of a double ouroboros ("he who eats his tail") which signifies the cycle of life and death, balance, and eternity.

The Lapis pendant measures 55mm tall, and 10mm wide.

Necklace closure uses a toggle clasp.

All of our Jewelry at Remains Jewelry is made to order and carefully hand-finished just for you! Please allow up to 2 weeks of production time for each piece.

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    Lapis Lariat Choker

    Lapis Lariat Choker