Veritas Signet Style Ring


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(Latin) noun. Truth.

The Remains Jewelry Veritas ring was inspired by The Ace of Swords from the Tarot. The single upright sword in the center of the ring is associated with strength, protection, and intellect. The sides of the ring are adorned with skulls (theme of memento mori – a reminder of our mortality) resting atop intersecting olive and palm branches which symbolize success and peace respectively. As a whole, this ring serves as a reminder for us to cut through any irrational negative emotions that may obstruct us from our goals, and to think with logic and reason to achieve success and inner peace within ourselves.

The inside of the ring features a solid sterling silver coin soldered in, with the Remains logo, 925 mark, and a cicada flying towards the moon. The moon is the alchemical symbol for silver, and is the metal that we make our pieces in. The cicada symbolizes rebirth, much like the rebirth of long-forgotten stories that Remains tries to bring new life to in our jewelry pieces. 

The center of the ring is oxidized to an almost black shade, giving a very stark contrast.

*Although this ring is made in the style of a signet ring, please note that the letters are readable rather than mirrored - if used as a stamp on sealing wax, the letters will read mirrored.

All of our Jewelry at Remains Jewelry is made to order and carefully hand-finished just for you! Please allow up to 2 weeks of production time for each piece.


Our Packaging

We believe that packaging and presentation is an integral part of the jewelry experience. Our packaging consists of:

  • Your selected jewelry in a plush black velvet jewelry drawstring pouch with our logo inside of a
  • Matte black cotton-filled square jewelry box along with
  • A complimentary piece of polishing cloth to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new, and an
  • Jewelry care instructions card
  • Carefully wrapped with black hemp cord and sealed off with our signature black wax seal with our custom stamp.


Premium Packaging

We offer a special premium packaging option specifically for this series of 3 signet rings

Our premium packaging is perfect for gift giving, and costs an additional $15. 

Whats included:

  • Everything from the default packaging
  • Additional decorative black tissue paper wrapping inside of the jewelry box, wrapped with black hemp cord. 
  • Jewelry box is decoratively wrapped with our special black Thai Unryu paper. 
  • Explanation of the ring in the style of illuminated manuscripts - inked on natural cream colored Thai Unryu paper and carefully packaged in a black wax sealed envelope. 


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