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Skull Trio Necklace



The Skull Trio Necklace features a trio of deteriorating anatomical skulls, stacked atop each other clad with scars, much like the remains of those who make their way to their final burial sites and erode with time. These anatomical skulls are crafted in high detail and shows off the intricacies of the skull from every angle. 

Skulls have historically been worn as a reminder of one's mortality. Memento mori, latin for “remember that you must die” reminds us of the transient, fleeting nature of life. The skull serves as a reminder to live our lives to the fullest without regret.

 Skull pendant and chain are made of .925 solid sterling silver. 

*Please note that the reference photo of chain lengths provided may differ from how the chain sits on your own body. Everyone's neck has a different circumference and it would be safest to measure your own neck with a string to confirm chain length.

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Skull Trio Necklace

Skull Trio Necklace