Mors Earring Stud


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The Remains Jewelry Mors earring stud features a skull in a recessed diamond frame. The recessed area is oxidized to an almost black color, allowing the skull to be highlighted with a beautiful contrast. Skulls were commonly used in jewelry in the 16th and 17th centuries as a reminder of our own mortality (memento mori - latin for "remember that you must die"). Although this was originally used in a more religious context, we hope that wearing a memento mori piece will allow you to remember to treasure the life you live and enjoy it to its fullest. 

The Mors earring stud measures 7mm wide and 9mm tall. 

Earring post is made of sterling silver, and measures approx 10mm long. 

Each earring is sold individually, and comes with a sterling silver bullet clutch backing.

For a pair, please add 2 into your cart.

All of our Jewelry at Remains Jewelry is made to order and carefully hand-finished just for you! Please allow up to 2 weeks of production time for each piece.