Aequilibritas Signet Style Ring


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(Latin) noun. Balance, equilibrium.

The Remains Jewelry Aequilibritas ring was created with the idea of balance in mind. The ouroboros, a serpent eating its own tail, is a symbol that pervaded the ancient world and was widely used in alchemy, illustrating the cyclical nature of creation and destruction. The sides of the ring are embellished with a skull on one side and a face on the other – life and death, perpetuating the notion of duality as two parts of a whole. Below the skull and face lie two intersecting crosses of Lorraine, which represent the maxim “as above so below.” This ring is a reminder that all things have counterparts to maintain balance. In times of negativity, positivity follows.

The inside of the ring features a solid sterling silver coin soldered in, with the Remains logo, 925 mark, and a cicada flying towards the moon. The moon is the alchemical symbol for silver, and is the metal that we make our pieces in. The cicada symbolizes rebirth, much like the rebirth of long-forgotten stories that Remains tries to bring new life to in our jewelry pieces. 

The center of the ring is oxidized to an almost black shade, giving a very stark contrast.

*Although this ring is made in the style of a signet ring, please note that the letters are readable rather than mirrored - if used as a stamp on sealing wax, the letters will read mirrored.

All of our Jewelry at Remains Jewelry is made to order and carefully hand-finished just for you! Please allow up to 2-3 weeks of production time for each piece.