Aequilibritas Pendant Necklace


18 inch
20 inch
22 inch
Material Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Finish Pendant: Oxidized and polished
Chain: Oxidized and lightly polished
Size Pendant (w/bail): approx 2.6cm tall, 1.5cm wide
Chain: 18"/20"/22"


(Latin) noun. Balance, equilibrium.

The Remains Jewelry Aequilibritas Pendant is based off of the Aequilibritas ring. The pendant features a central ouroboros with Aequilibritas text above. Aequilibritas is Latin for balance. The ouroboros, a serpent eating its own tail, is a symbol that pervaded the ancient world and was widely used in alchemy, illustrating the cyclical nature of creation and destruction.

The back of the pendant features an embossed cicada flying towards the moon. The moon is the alchemical symbol for silver, and is the metal that we make our pieces in. The cicada symbolizes rebirth, much like the rebirth of long-forgotten stories that Remains tries to bring new life to in our jewelry pieces. 

*Please note that this pendant has been slightly updated in terms of design compared to our previous version that was sold prior to May 2019. 

Necklace features a solid sterling silver oxidized chain and sterling silver lobster clasp closure.

Most of our Jewelry at Remains Jewelry are made to order and carefully hand-finished just for you! Please allow up to 2-3 weeks of production time for each piece unless otherwise specified as an in-stock and ready-to-ship product.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Mira M

    I bought this with Veritas necklace and they're both my favorite, I might buy an extender to wear them together


    I wear this necklace every day now (the ouroboros is my personal symbol). You do lovely work. I'm sorry it took me a while to leave feedback. I've been working extra hours, and I lost track of time.

    Umida Umarova

    Absolutely love it! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
    Highly recommended!

    Ava Hoang Mi

    I insaneeeely love wearing this necklace. The length falls so nicely for me and personally, I like wearing jewelry which is a bit more masculine. I feel this necklace falls in that perfect, androgynous taste. I like how it's not insanely polished and feels like an aged relic. It doesn't feel cheap at all and has a nice weight. The wear-downed look really lends itself to the lore and keeps a sort of integrity to what the brand seems like it's trying to accomplish.

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