Mourning Ring - Gray (OOAK)


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The "In Memory of" Mourning Ring is a modern take on the traditional Georgian style mourning ring - made of solid sterling silver, with the recessed space oxidized to a dark finish that contrasts against the letters. Each of the four scroll panels make up a syllable of the words "In Memory Of". A rose-cut hexagon clear quartz is is bezel set in the center of the ring over a darkened silver backing to create an illusion of a gray stone. This ring can be worn as a reminder of a loved one who has passed, or can be worn as a personal reminder of our own mortality and to treasure the time we have.

*Please note that over time the silver behind the gemstone does slowly tarnish and may become a deeper gray than it is now. This is a natural occurrence as silver reacts to the sulfur in the air to form a patina. Please only purchase this ring if you are comfortable with the natural aging process.

These particular rings are one of a kind, and are not customizable or resizable.

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